London's 7/7: more Columbine than Al Qaeda

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, May 24, 2006.

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    These Marxist bloggers are full of sh*t. First of all, Khan, the ringleader, was a 30 year old devout Muslim who prayed each and every day. Secondly, Khan made one of those islamist video statements aired on Al Jazzerra and also left behind a last will and testament frothing about how the West hurts Muslims, and then goes off about the importance of martyrdom.

    It doesn’t take much for a highly motivated Islamist 30-year old to "mentor" a few other younger men who were already exposed to an environment tainted by Islamofacist circles in Europe’s Muslim communities.

    Just read the report itself. It’s all there. Anyone can do what O’Neal did and pick out a few inconsequential items in the report to fit the Global Left’s mantra: the existence of a large victim class of poor, confused, disadvantaged and deprived kids only trying to make it in an unfair racist and classist society.
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    Not quite sure why you gave us a kneejerk left vs. right response here... did you read either this article, or the British government's report?
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    I read both and fail to understand why O’Neill relates this to Columbine-style “nihilistic terrorism.” I didn’t get that feeling at all after reading the government report.

    However, he links to another article O’Neill wrote shortly after the bombings:

    And from this I can better understand his point of view. He thinks Al Qaeda is a Western phenomenon and like so many other people, he points the blame at Western society, and suggests it has “deep” problems.

    He doesn’t go into what these “deep” problems are. I think he hints at poverty, desperation, and alienation as a culprit, but this is false. They are not desperate at all. They are simply young men living out their cultural values and when they do, they learn to hate what the West is.

    Of course, the obvious problems are long-standing Western policies and stupid attitudes that equate assimilation to racism, which led to the development of foreign cultural enclaves at odds with the West. And when the West stands down, wallows in its guilt, fails to defend or solicit Western values toward its immigrant youth, it adds fuel to the fire by encouraging immigrants to defend and solicit their non-Western cultural values instead. The glory of jihad and martyrdom is all over the Muslim world, so of course it exists in the Muslim communities in the West as well. And Al Qaeda is a foreign franchise of Jihad, far from any Western phenomenon.
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    If our young men are busy, they're probably not going to be plotting bomb attacks. Solve that problem, you got it licked. In the meantime, blame religion.