Londonistan - getting what they bargained for

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    July 3, 2007 -- LONDON

    Prime Minister Gordon Brown keeps repeating that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam - but, at the same time, keeps inviting "Muslim community leaders" to Downing Street to discuss how to prevent attacks. If the attacks have nothing to do with Islam, why invite Muslim "leaders" rather than Buddhist monks?

    Brown hasn't deemed fit to tell it like it is: that Muslims in Britain, indeed all over the world, must come out and condemn terrorism in unambiguous terms...The most that "the moderate community leaders" concede is a "yes, but" position: Yes, it is not quite right to blow up innocent people - but, then again, we must understand how anger at the policies of the government of those same innocent people might prompt some Muslim youths to want to slaughter everyone.

    Worse still, Ken Livingstone, London's quixotic leftist mayor, has shifted the blame from the terrorists to the British at large, who are supposedly tempted by "Islamophobia."

    But can one accuse Britain of "Islamophobia"? The answer is an emphatic no.

    Britain and a few other Western democracies are the only places on earth where Muslims of all persuasions can practice their faith in full freedom. A thick directory of Muslim institutions in Britain lists more than 300 different sects - most of them banned and persecuted in every Muslim country on earth.

    A Shiite Muslim can't build a mosque in Cairo; his Sunni brother can't have a mosque of his own in Tehran...In Britain, all mosques are allowed; no Muslim author or philosopher is banned. More importantly, rival Muslim sects do not massacre each other, as is the case in half a dozen Muslim-majority countries.

    The only time that the British media practice self-censorship is when an item might be seen as remotely anti-Islamic. Every British publisher has turned down at least one book proposal for fear of hurting Muslim feelings. "Taking Muslim sensibilities into account" is also the reason given for the cancellation of some art exhibitions and the selection of works on display in others.

    Even the most rabid anti-West and pro-terror Islamist clerics are granted visas to come to the United Kingdom and spread their message of hatred (at times, as guests of Mayor Livingstone and his friends). Hamas and Hezbollah are strongly present in Britain; the Islamic Liberation Party, banned in all Muslim countries, has its headquarters in London.

    Pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah militants are featured on British TV almost every evening. The Islamic Republic of Iran's "Supreme Guide," Ali Khamenei, maintains a "personal office" in London with twice as many personnel as Iran's official embassy.

    The latest "Islamophobia" charges come as Prime Minister Brown has appointed two Muslims to his ministerial team, the first in U.K. history.

    The terrorists who tried to kill people in London and Glasgow are the same ones killing people in Baghdad and Karachi. They are the same who killed tens of thousands of Egyptians and perhaps as many as a quarter-million Algerians over the decades. They are motivated not by any religious grievance but by an insatiable appetite for political power. They want to seize control of societies, break them into submission and impose on every individual a mad tyranny of terror in the name of God.
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  3. This is following the same media playbook used regarding HIV. The gay/drug community celebrated when the woman next door, the soccer mom was on the cover of Time announcing the new face of HIV. Of course the HIV issue was funding, I haven't the foggiest clue what anyone is trying to accomplish by being politically correct on Islam.
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    Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in connection with the terrorism crisis.

    The Prime Minister has also instructed his team – including new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – that the phrase “war on terror” is to be dropped.

    The shake-up is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more “consensual” tone than existed under Tony Blair. ...

    Mr Brown’s spokesman acknowledged yesterday that ministers had been given specific guidelines to avoid inflammatory language. “There is clearly a need to strike a consensual tone in relation to all communities across the UK,” the spokesman said. “It is important that the country remains united.”

    He confirmed that the phrase “war on terror” – strongly associated with Mr Blair and US President George Bush – has been dropped.

    Officials insist that no direct links with Muslim extremists have been publicly confirmed by police investigating the latest attempted terror attacks. Mr Brown himself did not refer to Muslims or Islam once in a BBC TV interview on Sunday.

    Ms Smith also avoided any such reference in her statement to MPs yesterday.

    She said: “Let us be clear – terrorists are criminals, whose victims come from all walks of life, communities and religions. Terrorists attack the values shared by all law-abiding citizens. As a Government, as communities, as individuals, we need to ensure that the message of the terrorists is rejected.”

    Tory backbencher Philip Davies said: “I don’t know what purpose is served by this. I don’t think we need pussyfoot around when talking about terrorism.”

    But former Tory homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer said: “This is quite a smart idea. We know that the vast majority of Muslims are not involved in terrorism and we have to accept there are sensitivities about these matters.”

    This article is a great example of why the immigration debate is so crucial in this country. The UK has fallen victim to the poison of multiculturalism, so much so that it's leaders are afraid to describe islamic terrorism honestly. Now they want to pretend it is a law enforcement problem. Good luck with that. Their media have self-censored themselves regarding anything remotely critical of muslims. Who says violence and intimidation don't work? Apparently they are far more effective than reasoned debate.

    You'd think of any country, the Brits would have learned that appeasement doesn't work. Guess they'll have to learn that lesson all over again.


    Anybody who dares to question why the british government continues to allow radical islam to flourish in the uk in the name of multiculturalism and diversity are shot down in flames of racism
  6. That's a tactic of the left and sadly it works. Z10 uses racism, homophobia, xenophobia card when she's cornered and wrong.

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    I find it disconcerting that one of our staunch allies now has a PM who is a PC pantywaist bleeding heart.
    This can't be good.
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    My favorite is whenever an atrocity by Muslim terrorists happens zzz will say USA bombed Hiroshima.
  9. Political correctness is an insidious plague. Once it gets deeply imbedded in the consciousness of people , common sense, truth and liberty become subordinated. The goal of the PC movement is to control the people. It was started by the Communists.
  10. You're making the point AAA as to why me and some other conservatives are pro-immigration.

    Bringing in millions of Catholics from Latin America is the perfect remedy to the Godless secular souls who threaten the U.S. from within.
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