London under attack

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  1. It's really sad what's currently going on in London right now. It's being called "sheer luck" that no one has been killed yet. More terrorists attacks are being called imminent after a flaming car smashed into an airport terminal in Glasgow.
  2. Bomb mecca now.
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  4. crackers,
    read god is not great.
  5. yawn.. you klannish is dumb:

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  6. Hey rat-excrement , How does that short clip from MSNBC help further your moronic twist on current events ? If anything it make you look foolish.
  7. hey traitor666, eat my pellets.
  8. 2 of the 5 suspects are doctors.
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    Proof once again that it's not downtrodden and poor that make terrorists. It is islam. What a shameful religion.
  10. Wait a minute are they MD's or are they PHD's who spent hopeless hours hiding from the world in University. My guess is PHD's which is not impressive or meaningful. Except as proof PHD's are often weirdo losers who shelter themselves in the educational system to avoid dealing with reality.
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