London, UK is not cool anymore - I'm leaving

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  1. It's Eastern European migrants who are one of the main causes for resentment in London and other cities in the UK, they've formed ghettos and aren't particularly interested in British culture or even learning how to speak English let alone integrate into our society. They come to UK because of the welfare available, they get a home and money as soon as they arrive! They supplement their welfare checks by committing crime.

    The average British citizen is hacked off by their tax pounds being spent to support these people while our 'own' go without.

    As far as London goes, it always used to be cosmopolitan which added to it's vibrancy, but it was still London and there was no mistaking where you were. That's been replaced with an overun of foreigners, Londoners have pretty much given up and left them to it.

    Here are some statistics from 2007:

    Around a third of all sex offences and a half of all frauds in the capital are carried out by non-British citizens.

    Poles, who have entered Britain in record numbers since they joined the European Union in 2004, committed 2,310 crimes in the first six months of this year to become the most prolific offenders.

    Romanians, whose country became part of the EU in January, committed more than 1,000 offences — an eightfold rise on the same period in 2006, according to Metropolitan Police figures for solved crimes.

    Last year, a leaked memo from the then Home Office minister Joan Ryan warned that an estimated 45,000 potential criminals from Romania and Bulgaria – which joined the EU in January this year – would travel to Britain.

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  2. cabletrader,

    Poland and Somalia I know fare high on statistics many places in Europe, while I think Turkey and Pakistan are "quite low" on the list compared to some other countries in Europe, i.e they figure much higher - especially for drug-related and some violent crimes. Somalia and Pakistan seem to have a fairly high ratio of violent crimes in the UK, like in the rest of Europe.

    Romanian and Lithuanian theft I also know are rampant problems. Aren't many of the infractions by Polish typically work-related, though? Poland, but especially Romania and Lithuania are pretty poor countries.

    I guess Indians and Pakistanis have relatively longer traditions in the UK, so that might explain at least some of the variations. Obviously, a good sign when considering elsewhere in Europe.

    Various criminal "road shows" are touring Europe after the borders became more open, and I guess that's a price to be paid for now having the world's largest trading bloc. Too bad they often prey on the elderly and those living alone in their homes.
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  3. let's turn the subject around, what is cool about London?
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  4. Twenty years ago, the women were flirtatous and available to entertain over dinner and maybe more. The food was clean and delicious. I don't know about now.
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    Borough Market
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    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
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    Brits abroad aren't exactly known for being interested in the culture of where they visit either - usually it's cheap booze and hookers they travel for.

    Almost all the E European people I've met in the last couple of years have jobs (the reason they moved over) - every single person I know on welfare is British born & bred.
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    If benefits pay more than a minimum wage job then is it rational to work?
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    Fulham is cool ! .. and ...errr .... BBC television...and radio 4/5... oh and worcester sauce crisps...and cornwall... which is effectively a different country anyway.

    ooo and Kiteboarding in richmond park ... the greeness :)
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    my 2 cents:
    Pete Tong is cool! :)
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