London, UK is not cool anymore - I'm leaving

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  1. sydney is similar to london although better kowloons here this place is ridicuosly expensive 1.07gbp per litre try 130-140 after the conversion property prices outrageous anything woth a view tack on 20-30% even if the view is by standing on a phonebook...shall i go on
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  2. mokwit


    Couldn't agree more. Far too many Russian and other tossers who think they own the place.

    What's that? Oh I see. Been gone a while so I didn't know they did.
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  3. The most popular name in the UK is Mohammed...
    What does that tell you?

    Get the fuck out KABOOOOOM
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  4. Cutten


    Some positives:

    Capital gains tax was recently slashed to 18%.

    Perfect time zone for trading all world markets.

    Europe & the sunny med is 1-2 hours away by plane.

    Crashing property market means 2010 will be the perfect time to go penthouse shopping.

    Collapsing pound is a great shorting opportunity.

    For foreigners - no tax on foreign-earned income. Automatic business visa if you can deposit 200k at a UK bank.

    Only serious challenger to NYC for financial markets work & networking.

    Immigration - lots of hot young women from all over the world; cheap cleaners & plumbers.

    Crime - on the rise but London does have some of the best boxing & martial arts instruction in the world.

    Social jealousy - have you been to Europe matey?

    Weather - Sick of it raining? That's what pubs were invented for. The lack of humidity is nice, and unlike most places on earth, there is little chance of work or life being seriously disrupted by a hurricane, earthquake, flood, drought, monsoon, heat wave, forest fire or other natural disaster.

    Collapsing economy - hello, this is a trader site, bear markets create bargains and volatility. You should be looking forward to economic distress, not whining about it.
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  5. Sir...honestly...does any of this go back to 1776 and losing to the USA?...
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  6. It's a disease....called...

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  7. See if the US will let you in. You probably got a good 4 years before taxes in the US match those in the UK but whatever you do, do NOT get sick. Even WITH insurance you are screwed if you get sick. Your health may recover but you'll be financially ruined. <b>Welcome to America!</b>

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  8. Not to mention the tax they charge you to park on the street and to watch the BBC. I'm surprised the British Gov't doesn't tax by the pound of shit each person delivers. Whoa! That's a pretty big loaf. "A pound for every pound" Parliament says.

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    Hey, don't go giving them any ideas! :D
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  10. Although I rather enjoy rain, I concur with your synopsis. My visits to London were quite memorable for the history and the young ladies, but that was a while ago, and my recent visits were not as enjoyable. The Muslims are taking you over and are eating your budget via welfare. Dubai is working on a tower with a maximum height around 200 stories, about half a mile high: More Muslims, but if you can ignore the belt bombs, it might be passable with air con.

    If the terrain weren't merely sand, can you imagine the view from that penthouse?
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