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Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by chrissterling, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Ive been trading from an office in Chicago for 6 years and have decided to return to London.

    Lookng for a dynamic group with a good atmosphere and people that are happy to share experiences and ideas for good levels.

    I use CQG.

    I trade +/- 30,000 lots per month mostly US, German and UK markets (bonds, gold, ags, stirs, energy).

    Mostly technical trading based on levels that I create myself.

    I am fully funded and do not require leverage but i am always open to new ideas and oppertunities.
  2. just21


    If you clear through you do not have to pay any tax as they are registered with hmrc as a spread betting company. You use cqg in usual way to trade. If you don't want to go to kyte office but trade through them then I have an office in Mayfair but it would hardly be called dynamic! Pm for details.
  3. TsunTzu


    Kyte is a great option for the tax angle, but leverage is tight. You may want to look into Marex or Tower Trading who are significant presences in the prop market. PM me if you want contact details.
  4. mgrund


    The Tax Angle is tight here, unless you have some super accountant to fiddle the books- which we all have, not mentioning any names....