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    Sorry this is a copy paste from another thread but thought it deserved its own thread title.

    Just a quick post to see if anyone can give an update on how everyone is doing at some of the prop shops or trading arcades in London. Which shops are still reasonably full? I traded FGBL/FGBM/FGBS from 2002-2005 and have since moved to more algorithmic trading down under but always curious how the prop traders are doing. Are shops like Saxon, Elite, Curvalue, Marex, FuturesTradingAlliance, Schneider, Schonfeld still doing ok or have the lower levels in indices and thus higher cost killed a lot of the edge?

    Any stories, updates or links to further info are very much appreicated.

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    saxon, elite, schneider, marex still going not sure about the others curvalue got absorbed by schneiders or elite I think, atlas and xconnect merged. TCA still going but not in its original non profit form. Futex, Pyne still going strong too. Marex haven't recruited for years but still have a decent bunch of traders, they clear most the others now and make a mint on their broking side. There's certainly consolidation and the markets not the easiest but still hear the odd 7 figure days popping up on the likes of fed buyin treasuries...

    You at Propex or Silkroad in oz? Saxons and Transmarket doing well in Singapore currently
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    Cheers for the update Dogfish, at niether work for a small startup called LTS. Is Transmarket same setup as you would expect of the typical London shop? (I spent a month training at Curvalue and 2 weeks at Saxon when I first started and the owner of Curvalue got a group of us over there getting some training from some Saxon guys and TA lessons from Clive.) Any idea how big in trader numbers any of the above names are?

    Gluck in the markets.