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  2. I will be in central London Sunday with a whole afternoon of free time.

    Any suggestions on what to do/see?

    I've been to the city before on business, but never saw anything except the inside of limos, hotels and conference rooms.

    My interests are financial markets (obviously) and history. Also recently read a book on Lloyds of London so might like to have a gander at/in the HQ building.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. If you like history there is lots to do. There are so many tourist attractions, it is difficult where to begin.

    You may want to start at Tower Bridge and see the Tower of London. Then you can walk down the Thames Path and pass many museums on the way including Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre and many more besides. Plenty of nice pubs on the way as well.

    Not much to do with financial markets anymore I am afraid. You used to be able to visit the LIFFE floor, but they closed that a few years ago. I think even IPE has gone electronic, although not sure, so you may get a visit there if you around longer than one day. The home of trading used to be Change Alley where many a fortune was made or lost in coffee houses of the 18th century, but of course it is rather different now...