London traders book discussion meetup

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    Friday 23rd October 2009, All bar One, Upper Regents Street, 8pm. (cheap beer for central London).

    First London traders book discussion meetup. We will discuss Trade Like Jesse Livermore by Richard Smitten. Get your copy at search for trading books. An easy read for the first meeting. In following weeks we will get more intellectual.
  2. Will you also be serving Tea and Crumpets?
  3. I'd prefer Srumpy Jack :D
  4. just21


    No tea, we are going for lunch now. Due to popular request the time and date have changed to 1pm saturday 24th October 1pm. Venue to stay the same.
  5. Kap


    introduce some columbian sherbert and east european vice and I'll be there
  6. +5 :p
  7. Is there any website where we can check the "events calendar" :)
    Anotehr question: where do we sign up for the Saturday lunch meeting?
  8. just21


    Apparently charge to organise a meeting so I am arranging it in this thread and on If a few people turn up we will arrange another meeting and what book to discuss next time.
  9. Thanks Just21. Should I confirm to you for bookings and anything or should I just show up with a sign with my name on it? :)
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    Just read the book and turn up.
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