London stocks anyone?

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    I am interested in beginning trading UK ( and other euro perhaps ) stocks aside from my futures trading and I need some feedback from people trading it:

    -is there only bundled commissions pricing for UK stocks( 6 pounds per side on IB...:( )?

    - What is winterflood securities exchange? An ECN? How it comes it lists UK, Euro and US stocks? Does someone use it on IB? I don't get it as an exchange when i type a listed ticker?

    - Is there a minimal capital requirement for trading UK stocks like in the US?

    - How does it come euro stocks are often listed on both euronext and LSE?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I trade LSE and Euronext, A lot of good liquid stocks over there.
    In london I trade mostly CDF, they have a tax thing on stocks, so they take some xtra pound..
    Now Iam doing research in Xetra (Germany), A lot of stocks over there,

    But Im looking for scanners, "Stockfether" type sites or prg for the EURO markets..
    Does anybody know of any good systems or sites..?

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    T'es francais? Deutsch?

    Is the tax on LSE like "l'impot de bourse" in France? That's the main reason why I don't trade my domestic market...

    Are the german markets better commish, tax ... wise?

    I don't know for websites..
  4. The cheapest markets to trade are the US markets niothing really comes close comms wise. That said if you arent a 2 penny scalper there are a lots of opportunity.
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    Yes , I know... Even for some fast strategies, 6 Pounds is not enormous if you trade 1000 or more shares...

    But does somebody know how the extra tax is working?

    Does somebody knows about winterflood securities? ( ECN? Dark pool??? )

  6. No ECN's yet