London post-brexit as a financial center

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    I'm surprised how weak Britain is becoming. And how dictatorial is EU. Britain should just invade the EU.
  3. You mean like America invades (militarily, politically, secret service like,...) when they don't like something other countries are doing? You honestly believe that is a great role model for piece and prosperity? Then you have definitely not studied history.

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    Yup, I meant exactly like that. Use military to disperse EU’s dictatorial bureaucrats and teach them who is the boss.
    I was raised in Europe and had pretty demanding history teacher, so I’m not lacking on that end.
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    You probably were raised in the UK...that's in EU. They want a Brexit as EU does not accept British dictatorship. UK wants all the benefits from the EU but always wants extra favors, like paying less and receiving more. Maybe check the amount of subsidies the UK receive for their "agricultural sector". That sector included a lot of properties from the English royal family. In short EU paid millions every years for the Queen and her family.

    PARIS, Aug 6 2010 (IPS) - Subsidies for agriculture in the industrialised countries of the world grew again in 2009, benefiting the largest companies and land owners, such as Prince Albert of Monaco and Queen Elizabeth of Britain.
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    No, not in U.K., and my former country is a EU member. From what I hear every EU country complains about being treated unfairly, while everyone there is familiar with the concept of being ruled by Brussels and Merkel, not European democracy.
    Just the requirement of taking in migrants by each EU member against each country’s own wishes was contentious enough.
    While blocking out non-EU countries from doing business with EU is the same protectionism that EU is accusing America of, while America accuses China of - or maybe I’m confused because too much of that stuff is going on while all of it can be argued.
    But I don’t really care - I just thought it would be fun to solve all EU problems by liquidating EU - by force.
    Btw, I always wanted be a comedian, just didn’t have talent for it.
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    That would be a good idea, and more and more people think that will be the only solution (protest in France of the "gilets jaunes" might be a first step).
    No wonder right and extreme right are growing quickly and the left side is getting hit.
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    The EU parliament is full of comedians without talent. :)
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    No Britain leaving EU is the best decision that it's ever made and soon all European countries will do the same. That's why EU is making the Brexit so painful for UK because they want to make an example of UK to deter anyone else from leaving. But really unless EU makes some reforms it's not sustainable. UK should've listened to Margaret Thatcher and never joined EU. She was opposed to UK joining EU right from the beginning; she had such foresight. They don't make good politicians like those days no more.
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    I couldn't disagree more. At the time of Merkel's Mistake (when she opened the borders to all the world's downtrodden) it looked like leaving was the right thing to do in order to preserve the UK's own culture and society, but since then Europe has found surprising backbone to keep third-world immigrants out - contrast with the USA where leading politicians talk of abolishing ICE.

    Even now there is no clear benefit to Britain from leaving. "Unshackling business" by reducing regulations etc. is a canard, the UK is already #9 in the doing business index and fellow EU member Denmark is #3. "End to free movement" seems to mean taking a similar number of immigrants, but a larger proportion from third-world countries.

    From what I have seen of the EU, it seems to do a great number of useful things while spending only a minimal amount of money (1-2% of GDP) and leaving individual countries to mostly set their own domestic policies. More or less like the pre-civil-war USA, which many libertarians, free-market and small-government types claim as the ideal.
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