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  1. July 27, 2012

    SouthAmerica: In the last Olympics in China the highpoint of that Olympics was the opening ceremonies were the Chinese gave a spectacular show to the world.

    In the current London Olympics they decided to start with the lowest point of this Olympics with the most boring show in the world.

    I just watched the show for 1/2 hour and decided to watch a video instead of that terrible Olympics opening ceremony show.

    Queen Elizabeth was picking her nails when Great Britain marched into Olympic Stadium (PHOTO)

    Queen Elizabeth was picking her nails when Great Britain marched into Olympic Stadium - I guess the queens' helpers did not let her take a nap during the show.

  2. What I dont like is that the gold medals have very little gold in them. Less than $300 worth of gold. Gold medals are 92.5% silver and 1.34% gold and the rest is zinc. A gold medal weighing 400 grams is only worth about $600.

    It cost London $13 billion to host the Olympics, and they are expected to bring in $20 billion in revenue, giving them a profit of $7 billion. Why cant they give solid 400 gram medals to the winners? It will only cost them an extra $6.1 million dollars to give winners a solid gold medal.

    Its so messed up. The winners are the ones that make the olympics worth watching. They should get a REAL gold medal like they used to give to the winners 100 years ago.
  3. I almost turned it off too but they turned it around and it got much better.
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    Did anyone see team America?

    It's good to see so many black faces making up the team - looked about 75-80% minimum.

    It's a great sign that America values it's minorities.

    My only concern is that white athletes are being overlooked. Why is that? They have contributed to the country just as much as the black folk.

    If a company only employed white people simply because they were better suited for the role, you can be sure the liberals would be screaming racism, demanding x% of all employees are black or from other minorities. Why dont we demand the same for the Olympic teams?

    Give the white fellas a chance.
  5. The white people get their revenge with the winter olympics.
  6. I turned it off after they started rapping. What a joke This is british culture?
  7. It just kills you, don't it?:D
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    and the swimming i guess.
  9. Four-time gold medalist Michael Johnson believes the question of why black athletes dominate Olympic sprint competitions shouldn't be taboo. In the lead-up to the London Games, he's trying to broach the controversial topic.

    Johnson, who recently had his lineage traced back to West Africa as part of a British documentary, told the Daily Mail that slavery has "left an imprint through the generations."

    The eight men who ran in the 100-meter finals -- all African-American or African-Caribbean -- in Beijing are believed to have been descended from slaves, according to the documentary.

    "Difficult as it was to hear," Johnson said, "slavery has benefited descendants like me. I believe there is a superior athletic gene in us."
    How does the black community feel about this?
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