London is burning

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    Big riot going on in London right now. When I first heard about this, I thought it seems a bit out of character for the british to act like that over a police shooting.

    Then I read this...."Officers had been attempting to carry out an arrest under the Trident operational command unit, which deals with gun crime in the black community"

    Not trying to sound racist, but seems to not matter what country you are in...its always blacks starting the violent riots.
  2. I was just looking at this place on google maps. Same shit different country.
  3. It's all about Justice!

    Justice and having an excuse to kick in store windows and loot. Easier than working for a living.
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    You mean those people that released the Lockerbie bomber for some oil?

    Burn Baby Burn :D
  5. I am pretty glad the police took the guy out, his gang are predominately black, however not all the rioters are black as his gang are allied with another gang that is white. Dumbass drug dealing criminals. As for this being out of character for the British thats just pants they riot at the drop of a hat over here in the summer, the riots in County Antrim this year cost the Govt millions all because some Catholics got sand in their vagina's.

    Anyways 377OHMS I thought it was the Scotland that released the Lockerbie bomber not London, make your mind up.
  6. Get a grip Piel, they do this kind of shit over a soccer team losing.

    And let's not mention, the Irish.........
  7. Thank goodness Obama does not rule the UK. He would be supporting the black rioters.

    The UK is a silly little socialist country which cuts oil deals to release Libyan terrorists.

    The only thing good about the UK is that we can use their troops as canon fodder, by ordering them to go to the front line in our wars. So we lose fewer of our heroes as a result.

    The UK is a pathetic country but it is obedient to us, which is good enough. At least they are better than the French.

    But Israel will always be our closest ally.
  8. 1) "English" troops have never been cannon fodder; the English have always put their Irish, Scottish, Canadian and Australian underlings up front and sent their own precious troops in after the "shock troops" had cleared the field..
    2) Israel is an ally of convenience; without the US Israel wouldn't last a week. Israel is of no strategic value to the US and costs the US billions.
  9. Rubbish.

    England is an nothingness. We order and they obey. Many Brits have chosen to die for our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I commend them for obeying the USA.

    And they have rotten breath and teeth.

    And stop being an anti-semite. Israel is our closest ally. The Israelis taught the Brits a thing or two when they kicked them out of Eretz Israel in the 1940s e.g. King David Hotel :D

    We will never let Israel be alone. Eretz Israel !!

    Genesis and Exodus in our Holy Hebrew Bible says that Israel is the promised land for the Jews. We will always be with you, Israel !!

    USA and Israel forever together!!
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    US better stash away some cash for that eventuality, because we are quickly becoming a "broke ally".
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