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    Besides Interactive Brokers, are there any other direct access brokers that allow US residents/citizens to trade the London/European stock exchanges?
    I work a day job so it's obviously very hard for me to trade during the day, but I'm looking for other ways I can trade(not just stocks) in the late evening/twilight hours. I've read the E-mini's trade 24hrs. Does anyone have any insight into trading the E-minis in the off hours? If anyone has any suggestions, please post them.
    Thank you.
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    I think you should forget about trading the Eurozone exchanges.
    The 0.5% UK tax stamp, and similar taxes on the other European stocks render this kind of trading extremely risky for the US traders. Just imagine having 40 more cts/sh commissions...
    In addition, the exchanges charge significantly more per order than an ECN(up to 50 times).
    Frankly, if you have not been trained to trade Euro stocks, just forget about it.
    On the other side, the equity index futures will be very active from 9AM to 22PM. The stock markets close before 22PM, but since the master markets are open, the volume remains high.

    So, if you really want to trade this zone, go for futures, avoid stocks.

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    I meant : 9 to 22 for the GMT +1 area. (Paris, Madrid)
  4. gs,

    what about hong kong or singapore exchanges? They have very liquid futures contracts.
  5. The problem with Hang Seng and Asian markets is to find the realtime flow .......Any idea ?

    IB recently adopted daytrading margin for those products...

    FYI HKD 7.8 to 1 USD

    HKFE HSI Daytrading margin is 17000 HKD so 2180USD
    Point value 50 HKD which is 6.41 USD
    RoundTurn is 83 HKD which is 10.6 USD
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