London council moves to evict rioters

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader666, Aug 14, 2011.

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  2. If so they should get new subsidized housing in prison.

    I hope the gov't follows through on this... these lowlifes are less than worthless, they're sub-human scum who deserve to be put out on the street.
  3. Throwing one person out of a household for criminal acts, may appear at face value, ( or mask value) to be reasonable. But throwing out an entire household, on the presumed basis of collective guilt, is entirely un-christian, un-british and un-democratic.
  4. They have done it before so its not without precedent and its in the T&C of every council lease domestic or commercial.
  5. All the more incentive and pressure on each member to get the entire household to behave.
  6. This is against the Geneva convention. :D
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    Wow, how very un-liberal of them. :)
  8. Due Buy

    Due Buy

    Well if they're being violent on the streets, and then you force them out of their homes and back onto the streets wouldn't that be enforcing their behavior making the punishment un-logical?