London 'bomb' made safe by police

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  1. just21


    It is outside the biggest bar/nightclub in central London and the American Express office.
  2. problem some middle class taxpayer who is pissed off with the congestion charge, car parking charges and speed cameras in london.
  3. lol!! Was the driver drunk?
  4. No Bombed!!!
  5. gangof4


    urgh. this bozo cost me over $1200 tonight. er2 fell off a cliff (granted, not a very high cliff, but high enough...) and the HSI did likewise. stops and the HSI don't play well together and i picked the wrong time to take a piss.

    a lesson learned, for sure. got a little complacent and forgot my rules about long positions (kinda hard for a news event to wipe you out when you're short, not so on the long side...).

    who knows, the experience may go on to save me some day; so, thank you inept bomber!
  6. JayS


    Update CNN:

    A stretch of road near Buckingham Palace in London has been closed due to a suspicious vehicle hours after a bomb was found in a car parked in a nearby entertainment district, police said.
  7. Great excuse to take away more rights. The new british prime minister will get right on that.
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