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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by jbuckle7, May 21, 2009.

  1. jbuckle7


    Anyone know of a brokerage that provides london based X_trader servers. I'm currently using velocity futures who are based in New York so theres a hop across the atlantic and I can sometimes see a slight lag.

  2. bennie83


    GNI are the most expensive brokers I have ever seen, I mean a real rip-off. Also, they are part of MF Global who have an terrible track record, despite their size.

    How have you found Velocity? They are on my broker shortlist. I'm from London too, what kind of commission did you get. X trader any good? Free I think with Velocity? Do they offer Eurex, CME, LIFFE? thanks for help.
  3. Obviously, you´re not a big player otherwise you would be offered 10 Cents per side...:)
  4. jbuckle7


    I find velocity very reliable and would recommend them. However they are based the states and AFAIK have no london operations therefore there is about a half second lag in comms across the atlantic
  5. Can't see any European brokers who offer X trader
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  7. Marex, not heard of them, I'll give them a try.
  8. Based on volume of approx 100 round turn trades per month what commission rate would be considered a good deal for the following contracts, round turn all in?

    1. Emini S&P (CME)
    2. Dax Future (Eurex)
    3. FTSE Future (LIFFE)
    4. DJ Eurostoxx 50 (EUREX)

    Thanks for your help.