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  1. Has anybody had any dealings with London Asset Management Inc? It is a managed FX account ran by a guy called, David Roland from Canada.
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  3. I agree, I am trying to find out what the score is as an acquaintance has an account with them, he showed me a statement showing a weekly gain of over 1%. apparently, he is not registered with the SEC or any other regulatory body in the USA, he offers participation by personal contact, whatever that means.
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    sounds fishy.....

    where is the asset manager based?
  5. Yes, I agree, it does. I don´t know where he is based, I will find out. But he is also involved in this site: quadpac
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    I don't think anyone should invest in such a firm without EXTENSIVE due dilligence including background checks, visiting their offices, speaking to accountant/auditor etc.

  7. I sent them an email asking for audited accounts, but as yet no reply. I would not invest in them, I am trying to find out if its a real company or not. It does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling at all.
  8. I just found out he is based in Panama and registered as a S.A. but I am unable to find records as yet. He apparently has NY based traders (Ex Chase & Morgan) putting on the trades. Will post any further info I might find out.
  9. I have determined that the underlying company is Elite FX Limited Partnership, who is supposedly registered with BC
    Securities commission and Revenue Canada. The Panama and London connection appears to be some form of tax avoidance. So I guess this thread should reference this site:
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    There are so many places to open a trading account and/or invest in a managed futures (or FX) account.

    Unless there are very compelling reasons that you have not specified, why bother with these guys?

    Just my 2c....
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