London Anarchy--Our future?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Linky no worky.
  2. Yeah, sorry about the link. The story is on Drudge.
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    You all know that site addy is banned here so why not create a tinyurl for it? It ain't that hard.
  4. why is the dail***** banned here?
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    It's the y-mail part of it that is banned - Baron lost a shit load on that Yahoo stake and banned it.

  6. I don;t know about the link, but you shuld all go read the story in Drudge. The Daily Mail has a fantastic story with startling pics.

    This is a part of London like the upper East Side on NYC, very toney and high end. It is shocking to think that these mobs were allowed to just run wild. Of course, the same thing could easily happen in Washington, Dc or any other major city. Most are run by liberals who would never order the police to stop a riot by leftwing groups.
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  8. Anarchy in America?

    Well.... Millions of tit-sucking parasites + government employees have been "promised more than can be delivered".

    When fiscally prudent government (boy, THERE'S an oxymoron) cost-cutters tell the masses... "We can't pay. Sorry, but you never should have been promised what you were... there is no way it can be honored. You'll have to take less, as there isn't enough money anywhere to pay you what you believe you're supposed to get"...

    The masses respond with, "I WANT MY MONEY. I DON'T CARE WHERE YOU GET IT, BUT I WANT MY MONEY"... And, they are not agreeable to a "reasonable-but-necessary reduction in pay/benefits"... they want ALL of "their money".

    What do you think?
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    What's escalating is the number of surplus workers in the world. Yes, this is our future. Is it the left's fault? No.

    You just can't get turnouts like this during full employment.
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