LOLZ Bush Bombed the wrong country!

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  1. Look at the nuclear materials being unloaded from trucks for Irans nuke plant.

    If Bush Jr. was president in WWII he would have invaded and attacked England instead of Germany.

  2. This could have been Iraq.
  3. I wonder if bush was on a Bender and circled Iraq by Mistake instead of Iran then at that point not to look like an asshole the next day he decided to stick with the story and tell his Generals etc.. that he Meant Iraq not Iran.
  4. Saddam admitted he was lying about nukes to keep his enemies - like Iran - at bay.

    Turns out that they are not at bay any longer.

    The question at this point is - Who has the upper hand in the region now?
  5. I hate to interupt the hilarity, and it is funny, but Bush invaded Iraq for daddy's vendetta. Recall Hussein said he would find a way to assassinate him. "I'll get em fer ye pa" like Bonanza.

    And Iran was probably interested in nothing but generating electricity all along and some hack drama queens decided it was an opportunity to make hay. People like Gingrich, its all they have to do, its their living.
  6. Bush did Iran a HUGE!!! Favor removing Saddam and wrecking Iraq only to rebuild (with our tax money)

    It would be like if Bush was president back during WW II and he decides to invade the Soviet Union in 1939 (Giving big time relief to Nazi Germany, removing the Soviet problem from Hitlers hand)

    Invading Iraq was dumb.

    And now we have Hugo and Iran in close friendship, with Iranian flights to and from Venezuela opening up the back door through south america and then through mexico for terrorists to come in.

    Since we are too busy protecting the world we have no border security and Thanks to Nafta, we cannot do much in terms of checking vehicles coming through the border as well.
  7. As a english man- a agree with the non profilition treaty- hence US/UK/france/russia/china should only be allowed a nuchlear arsenal- the law is the law after all
  8. i think roosvelt/churchill/ stalin agreed this at end of ww2
  9. maxpi


    Upper hand = Israel.. when Russia and the US were the superpowers, Jains was saying that Israel had the #2 military in the world.. Nukes in Iran will intimidate the Saudis who will in turn need the support of the West and will keep on supplying cheaper oil.. The Iranians hate the Saudis more than they do Israelis...

    Some crazy assed Mullahs run Iran and so what? If they mess with Israel then the whole world will see that military talks and bullshit walks...