Lol You Have Got To Be....

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Swipe, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. Swipe


    kidding me! All you that say IB is soo good......have no idea...

    I hear all this good stuff about IB so I figured what the hell i'll give it a try......LOL

    TWS sucks...I can't get it to display my entry price on the TWS main page!!! I called the tech he said TWS doesn't do this.

    My pnl for unrealized is the same ar the PnL column.

  2. Tea


    I'd like to have entry price on the main page as well.

    But, you can click on "Trades" and have it show up in its own window. You can set this up like with the Patsystem where you have multiple windows displayed.
  3. mskl


    Yes, forget the cheap commissions/fast executions/API, let's focus on "entry price on the TWS main page"

    Imagine being a IB customer rep and having to deal with this???
  4. Whamo


    I used Realtick for ES trading prior to TWS and in my opinion TWS beats them in order entry.

    I too would prefer the entry price on the main page, instead they force you to open another window for the trade log. (monitor space is limited) Just doesn't make sense to me, they have the column for it, it's call Avg Cost.
  5. ktm


    I would suggest going back to a full price broker and getting your entry price displayed.

    We're all wrong. You should pay $30 a trade.
  6. trendy


    Swipe. Take a look at FFasttrade's platform. The order entry window displays entry price (and will give you an average price if you do multiple purchases or sales at different price levels), bought/sold for the day, open quantity, and P/L.

    Depending on the number of contracts you do per. month, it may be less expensive than IB. Its $3.32/roundtrip, with a $550/mo. platform fee.
  7. Hell, what did we all do to make $$ before the more sophisticated platforms came out... guess we didn't make money.

    Lots of whiners here...
  8. gary


    Dose Fasttrade have a maximum share size per trade 5,000 or 10,000 ?? Thanks.
  9. trendy


    Gary. I don't believe you can trade equities with FFasttrade. I think they limit themselves to futures. If I'm wrong, I'm sure Riskless, the COO for FFasttrade will set me straight.
  10. $30 a TRADE! ???

    Heck I go back when you paid more than that... more than some guys make on a scalp today....

    Some people just don't know when they have it good! Got poor judgment. But heck they're the ones I'm trading against!

    YeAh bAby!

    p.s.... sure, I would like entry price... but can't have it all sometimes. So does that mean something "sucks"? How petty!
    #10     Mar 3, 2003