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    Dow Plunges 250 Pts to 2008 Low Amid Downgrades, Oil Spike- AP

    Wall Street tumbled Thursday as oil prices jumped and downgrades of brokerage and automotive stocks gave investors little incentive to buy. Analyst comments on GM sent automaker's shares to their lowest level in more than 50 years, while Citigroup fell to a 10-year low after an analyst placed a "sell" rating on the stock.

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    Oil Prices Soar Past $140 on OPEC, Libya Comments
    Median Home Prices Fall
    AP GM Drops to 53-Year Low, Goldman Urges "Sell"
    AIG Shares Tumble to 11-Year Low
    Citigroup at 10-Year Low, Goldman Urges Short Sale
    <font size=4>1Q GDP Revised Up to 1 Percent</font>

    LOL!! :D
  2. I won't create another thread, but I'll say it here.

    So I had a vivid dream about the markets last night. I hardly remember dreams, and I've never had one about the DJIA.

    Anyway, in the dream I was watching YM in early morning. Can't remember exactly where it was trading, but it was a triple digit loss. Maybe around 100 to 400 points loss. The market opened and it gaped down 947 points from the previous close. It hit a low around 3pm, down 1497 points. Then it quickly rebounded to finish the day down only 147.

    Freakin odd. The shitty thing is I didn't make any trades. I was just watching in awe. lol

    :p :p

    True story.
  3. Yes, I got a laugh about the 1% revised GDP number bunched in there with all of the other doom and gloom links.

    I also hope your dream doesn't come true. We could sell off more this week, and I can't stomach a 1,000 point or more drop in the DJIA.
  4. This may happen next week. Let's see :D
  5. If dirty nukes hit the West, this kind of scenario could transpire.
  6. maxpi


    USA Today had a headline today: "Stocks slip on oil" :D