LOL!!! Why are YOU a democrat?

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    This is downright embarrassing for democrats everywhere. Ouch!
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    I wonder what his ET alias is.
  3. Did anyone else notice that they all looked like a bunch of rejects? The 4th guy says he is a democrat because of the patriot act, it must have really chapped his ass when Obama extended that policy.
  4. LOL!! These guys have no fucking clue why thery're democrats other than the fact it's the hip thing to be when you're young and dumb and have absolutely no money in the game.
  5. Atleast we know with this herd, they are far to ugly to have babies, so they will not produce any more little democrats, plus i think atleast three of them were homos. Also i have marked the guy in the top right "Exhibit A" note the all around sloppy appearance, he looks like he just picked up his suit from a thrift store. Yes folks, this is the future of the democratic party. :D
  6. Yeah that basically sums it up. Fortunately some of them are able to escape the big government brain washing they recieve while in school.
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    Hey isn't this that guy "flounder" from the movie Animal House?
  8. Did anyone notice that a few of them seemed to be reading a teleprompter or cue cards?
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    LOL!!!!!!!! Yes he does!!:D
  10. haha yep, nice find.
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