LOL who hates Dennis Kneale? Gotta see this

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, May 24, 2008.

  1. Oh man, Dennis is a clown. He's hands down the stupidest idiot on TV today.

    After watching this video I feel exponentially better. He cries like a little baby because his little girl can't call him on his Blackberry

    Gonna be one messed up kid. Today show did that little girl a favor.
  2. They just couldn't find a better idiot, that's all.
  3. What? He procreated?

    Just goes to show how powerful an alcohol/roofie cocktail can be.
  4. Fitting. Forbes is a fucking useless magazine. Every other issue is about "the most powerful women in business" or "the richest women in the world" or other feminized bullshit

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  5. Interesting. Business Week just had an article about how this recession has affected the male unemployment rate more than the a great margin.
    Basically: women getting hired, men getting fired.
  6. lol yeah dennis knows all the angles.
  7. Dennis is annoying on CNBC, but his crying there shows his love for his daughter. Nice. Admirable.

    Dennis WAS good taking over for Kudlow Friday night. It's the role that CNBC puts him in where he's the contrary voice for every topic that is the problem.