lol, what was that fat finger in Silver

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by stock777, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. at 12.15.

    Did they let those trades stand?
  2. I have complained and will continue to complain

    to the CBOT - ECBOT on these occasional

    "slippage issues" as prices should not

    even if it is corrected 1-2 minutes later go

    bananas ... on a day like today

    I could understand if yesterday an event would have happened ... but no excuses for today
    in my opinon

    ( note - I had no idea this happened until

    I read about it here on ET ... thanks guys )

  3. tomcole


    Unleaded had a bad print of 2.01 today, almost puked my guts when I saw that !
  4. the worst thing is not knowing if the trade will stand or not.12.80 to 11.80? thats big even if the price is adjusted to the 8 cent range
  5. I got caught in this and still have no resolution from CBOT, look for more information on my separate post :(