LOL trading bot so good its for sale

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by cold, Mar 8, 2008.

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    but these guys are smart

    they made a video that shows stock today and stock tomorrow how it went up

    but what they did was make 20 of those videos and showed only one that went up

    and they are calling this proof :p
  3. They are so good that they don't even need to look professional by using their own charting platform they can just use charts from and draw things on the charts using mspaint.
  4. Well, it poses slightly less risk than being a cabin boy, on a Greek Freighter, bound for the North Pole.
  5. Only 20 , how can you be so sure of that ?
    Only a genius can claim such, no ? :)
  6. Especially Carl, he came up with the algo's for Goldman's Global Alpha, which has done so well lately. It's a sure thing that Mark is Mark Carhart, but I wonder what Carl's last name is?
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