LOL. The SEC Wants to Stop Y'all From Spreading Nasty Rumors About Lehman

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    Maybe they should....ummm...send out subpoenas to trading desks to investigate a little something that has 1 million times the magnitude that this could possibly have?

    It's called front running, in case there's any SEC people reading this.

    Good luck on your mission to quash retail trader rumor spreading, SEC. It's a real problem.

  2. Should the SEC investigate also suspicious upgrades/downgrades?
  3. How about reporters who follow the same hedgies in the same shorts with 100% correlation to the REG SHO list?

  4. How about issuing meds to all market participants to eliminate sensitivity to fear and greed?
  5. Kinda funny we never heard the SEC investigating all those fake "buyout" rumors that seemed to give stocks those 5% bounces on Fridays before merger Monday last year. Now when the market is in trouble they think they have to investigate. Interesting.
  6. Is this the same SEC that sat around painting their toenails while Van der Moolen, LaBranche, SLK, and friends stole countless billions from investors via the old specialist system?
    Great job guys!
  7. Yeah. Ya know, I think it is.

    There are sweaty brows there now. Don't think for a moment there aren't. There are some heavy bills coming due. Don't forget. New IG was appointed. Only the second one in the history of the SEC.

    We've had money managers complain that when they question antics in stocks they own, which are usually Sho listed, not only does the SEC not help them, they find themselves subjected to audits of other positions.
  9. In my humble opinion, it sounds like the SEC could be after a poster on ET by the screen name of "S2007S". - - - Didn't he say that LEH was going a lot lower?

  10. "Past studies have shown that, while refuting rumors, certain strategies, such as the introduction of a stimulus that deflects allegation, are superior to mere refutation."

    "It is shown that no refutation is superior when the originator is a negative stakeholder, whereas other types of refutation are more effective when the stakeholders are neutral or positive. Further, a conciliatory tone is uniformly superior to an inflammatory tone."

    The SEC action is an effective strategy. But what if the rumor proves true?
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