LOL the fed just made a hook for me, buy buy buy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mikasa, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    buy from here till end of day

    FED sunk so much cash into market, they can't let it collapse yet

    oops :D ok lets see if it reaches 25 tick stop
  2. mikasa


    nope, this is support :)
  3. mikasa


    oh my god no :(
  4. mikasa


    NNOOO :mad: :mad:

    damn it
  5. mikasa


    OK mods delete this thread

    I was just trying to show classical mistake of catching falling knives

    kids never do this at home :eek:
  6. mikasa


    move along.......nothing to see here :D

    great now it climbs up :mad:
  7. mikasa


    ok screw it, I'll just open up a online trading room and charge money giving live calls

    hey that's exactly how its done

    not a laughing matter
  8. mikasa


    I hope you noobs learned something from this thread

    seriously, learn from it

    I am gonna eat some canned fish now, since someone in the
    futures market just took my breakfast :( :D
  9. mikasa


    hey when I was seriously trying to teach you guys
    some common sense

    you all just called me whacko

    now that I joke, you don't like that either

    tough crowd
  10. i thought sch holidays were over
    #10     Jan 20, 2010