lol Perle must be reading EliteTrader

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trader556, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Richard Perle thinks the invasion was illegal
    War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal
    Oliver Burkeman and Julian Borger in Washington
    Thursday November 20, 2003

    lol he is late by what? 8 months? We had this thread going here since Saturday March 01 2003:

    This war is illegal!

    What took them so long?

    Keep recent posts in mind.. 2004 should be interesting to say the least.

  2. GWB for re-election in 2004! GWB is a LOCK for re-election. God bless America!

  3. Maybe in 2004 he'll acknowlege that the 'war on drugs' is an anti-American, anti-liberty waste of our money?
  4. im not so sure about war on drugs.. but the war on prostitution is stupid and benefits noone.
  5. That's not a federal issue though...just bad local government in most of the country.