lol no cramer on tv tonight???

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  1. when his audience/ppl need him the most, hes not on? way to go buddy.
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    Actually I think he is probably doing a community service by not being on.
  3. everybody has been making fun at cramer. now that he finally got it right, many wished they had listened to him this time. :D
  4. lol...
  5. He had to go do a run on his bank to pull out all his funds before everyone else tries.......LOL! :eek:
  6. He told me the bottom was July..

    Now my kids aren't going to college and my dog is at the SPCA.

  7. Dylan Rattigan said that Jimmy is observing the Jewish holiday and will be back tommorrow.

    There is no truth to the rumor that he was rehearsing his show at a studio which was 20 stories high with a window and he was re-enacting what individuals did during the '29 crash and got carried away with his re-enactment.
  8. i just heard that on cnbc as well.
  9. maybe he's close to being cancelled
  10. When will you be cancelled?

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