LoL @ MS

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  1. Hahaha. Maybe MS will be shut by the FDIC today :D
  2. Daal


    Treasury will probably inject funds there. it would be quite a way to show 'hey guys the TARP works!'
  3. MS will be the second-to-last domino to fall. GS will be the last to fall. We'll see. :cool:
  4. Daal


    GS will help underwrite $700b in a share offering for GS from a GS ex-ceo
  5. One can only hope the moron at the NY Fed learned his lesson with letting Lehman fail. Not sure what would happen with another one of the same size goes belly up.
  6. MS being converted to a bank overnight was required to register with FINCEN and operate within the established banking secrecy laws, patriot act and the plethora of reporting regulations.

    All client accounts and transactions are reportable to the feds without due process or notice. Funds can be seized or frozen under any suspicion... This is a big deal for virtually all investors.

    Interesting to see if any of these rules or laws are going to be enforced.
  7. I'm sure no one has "learned their lesson" here, at the Fed.
  8. MS gonna survive that weekend ?
    Your thoughts ?
  9. DAAL-----You know good and well that the 700-billion dollar slug of money is for the GS Bonus Pool. :cool:
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    these guys sold a put on the financial system. you would think they would know better. all that because they didnt want to get yelled at by barney frank
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