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Discussion in 'Politics' started by whitster, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Unfortunately for the Dems, too many see her as the face of their party.
  2. is this real, or the bizarro world
  3. Perhaps because she is.

    I haven't heard any Democrat leaders denounce her or her antics. Given a clear cut choice between supporting police officers who risk their lives to protect them and McKinney, they pick McKinney.
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    Which tells you alot about their base.
  5. Yes! well put, nothing more can really be said . . .
  6. the dems don;'t see her (good for them) as the face of their party

    this can be seen in how the dems (smartly) did not stand behind her when she began her racist smearing of the capital police, and McKenna in particular with her absurd claims of racial profiling.

    democratic members of congress, in large part, were completely absent from supporting her or standing by her

    because she is a racist, delusional idiot

    and this incident is one that no self-respecting dem wants to get involved with

    i give the dems props for realizing she was full of it with her racial profiling claim, and giving her a wide berth. one could be cynical and argue they just did it out of a sense of self preservation, but i won;'t :)
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    As AAA said, the silence speaks volumes.