LOL Marines are being taught not to kill Children's and babies Now, how pathetic!!

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  1. Do you think you could post a link to a story that gives evidence of training being provided to Islamic extremists on how not to kill women and children?

  2. lol thats like saying did you give training to the christian right wing extremists, or the christian extremists. I dont see you talking about the irish christian terriosts. These people arent part of any government thats why. We expect better of democratic governments. And you expect better of people who expose democracy and human rights to other. And people who belieave in freedom the upmost.

  3. Ethics training is provided by employers to employees that deal with people, property, and laws in one form or another. It exists within every profession; doctors, lawyers, salesmen, policemen, etc. I'm sure quite a few, if not most, brokerages and prop firms also do the same for their employees. Some employers even require that the training be repeated every year. A lot of military branches and units do this; even during peacetime.

    The fact that it's happening now in front of the media is nothing more than top brass playing politics and covering their collective asses. All medical facility administrators that I have worked for does the same thing when something fucked up happens and it goes public.

    Of course, you would know this is if you had ever held a job, owned a business, or done any research on businesses. However, since you are probably unemployed, clueless, and living out of your parents' basement, it doesn't surprise me that you find it amusing and unusual.
  4. The terrorist group Hamas recently won the Palestinian elections in a landslide, while Hezbollah did well in the Lebanese elections. Apparently you missed that.
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  6. Yes, I have talked about Christian extremists, many times, condemning their actions.

    I do expect better from our soldiers.

    Do you expect better from Muslim extremists?

  7. i seriously doubt it!
  8. but you are saying that muslim extremists represents all muslims. Thats like saying the mormons represent all christians, irish republican army represents all christians. But the diffrence when I say the marines at haditha represents the american people. They do represent the american people. They are government agents. That swore to uphold american law and policy. Theres a diffrence when you have non representative groups committing crimes and atrocities, and government troops committing crimes.

  9. No, I have not said Muslim extremist represent all Muslims, quite the contrary. I argue that they are not representative of Islam or Muslims as a whole.

    What I am seeing from you though, is an illogical position, where you are holding the masses accountable for the actions of a few, in exact same way that Muslim haters hold all Muslims accountable for the actions of a small percentage.

    In addition, it is a sad fact, in my opinion, that the good Muslims do not stand up and denounce the Muslim extremists.

    You would go a long way to making your point if you took the time to denounce Islamic fascism, as well as pointing out the dangers of extremist thinkers in the western world.

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