LOL making friends-- NATO Says It Mistakenly Hit Libyan Rebels Again

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    TRIPOLI, Libya — NATO acknowledged Saturday that its aircraft had mistakenly hit a column of rebel military vehicles last week near the Libyan oil port of Brega in at least the third such episode since the airstrikes began three months ago.

    The rebels said NATO had failed to deliver the promised attacks and in the process slowed the rebel advance.

    “If it wasn’t for NATO, we could have moved the combat line much further from Misurata,” said Mohamed, a rebel spokesman
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    Order out of of chaos. Well there sure have the chaos going in Libya. See what kinda order you get out of this mess.
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    Max E.

    When i see the video footage of this war it tels me we should get out of there immediately, these rebels are basically a bunch of animals running around with machine guns, there is no organisation whatsoever there, how are we supposed to coordinate with an army that is completely out of control from the air, without having any of our own people on the ground?

    If we do manage to overthow the government, the number of civiliians/rebels we will have killed in Libya will just make us public enemy number 1 once quadaffi is gone.

    Mark my words this war will end up beingone of the the biggest mistakes we have ever made in foreign polic, among many others.
  4. Historically the Republican Party has been the anti war party, not the democrats. This was the case until the oil lobby, among others, bought out the Republican party, but this is a sharp delineation from historical norms and it looks like we're witnessing a reversion to mean. Most of the anti war voice is now coming from the right side of the aisle.
  5. If the rebels were smart, they would stop fighting and pull back and let Khadafy's forces retake the oil facilities. I guarantee you if NATO sees that Khadafy has the oil, they will intervene more aggressively, including sending in ground troops. The fact that these rebels are fighing and dying in a ground war just so that NATO can buy oil from someone other than Khadafy shows they don't understand what is going on.
  6. Maybe the rebels thinking is different, something like: If Khadafy gets hold of oil, NATO would cut a deal with him and even bomb the rebels to make sure the oil fields are safe.:D

    If above is true, then the rebels may be smarter than one might think!:D

    It seems to me that all three parties seem to understand what the name of the game is--- he who owns the gold calls the shots!
  7. Good sense of humor. THere is no way NATO will turn on the rebels before they are in power. NATO has said they want Khadafy out of power and they will stick to that. The rebels could use this to their advantage by forcing NATO's hand by letting Khadafy grab the oil.
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    This is going to take NATO/U.S. ground troops. Obama's Holiness attitude will get him impeached over this war by next year.
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    you got it

    exactly how the real world works :cool:
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    oh man if boots go on the ground in Libya this would the the straw that broke the camel's back
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