lol: Donald Trump Beating Entire GOP Field By 9 Points

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  1. donald trump is now the leading republican. wtf is wrong with the republican party? i say go donald:

    A new PPP poll released on Friday shows Donald Trump leading the Republican presidential primary race by much more than a hair.

    In fact, the poll shows the brash real estate tycoon turned reality TV show host posting a large nine-point lead on the nearest competition. It's the latest in a flurry of recent surveys to show the Donald running strong in the GOP field, but it's the first to show him all alone at the front of the pack.

    Trump garnered 26% of the vote, followed by Mike Huckabee (17%), Mitt Romney (15%), Newt Gingrich (11%), and Sarah Palin (8%.) Ron Paul earned 5%, while Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty took 4% each.

    But despite Trump's sudden sprint to the front of the field, his wide lead isn't necessarily a sign of his strength so much as a sign of the weakness of the overall GOP field at this point.

    As TPM noted earlier this week, only a handful of Republican candidates have strong name recognition, while others -- notably Pawlenty, who is one of the few potential candidates to have already announced a presidential exploratory committee -- are virtually unknown.

    As for those well-known candidates, Republican voters aren't exactly thrilled about them. In a recent CNN poll, 53% of Republicans said Palin should run for president, but nearly as many, 47%, said she should stay out of the race. And in a PPP poll last month, only 51% of Republicans viewed Romney favorably, while 50% had a favorable opinion of Gingrich.

    That left a huge gap for a candidate with high name recognition, which Trump certainly has, to swoop in and peel support away from other contenders.

    Also likely playing into Trump's rise -- his rapid cornering of the birther market. Through expressing intense, persistent skepticism about Obama's citizenship -- with cable news apparently happy to come along for the ride -- Trump's been able to quickly grab hold of that sizable part of the GOP base still committed to theories long since dismissed as conspiracy.
  2. Trump embodies the republicans secret desires. Lust for money, power, grandiosity, crass and boorish...

  3. My thoughts exactly
  4. Very interesting. Years ago, when he flirted with the idea of running for political office, his ambitions fell on deaf ears. Now he's the Right Wing darling. So is it because the Right has plumbed the depths in caliber of candidates, or because The Donald is now better than before. Let's see, he has a reality show and a few more bankruptcies under his belt...
  5. Maybe,just maybe, Trump is a democratic plant

    We all know Trump criticized Reagan,called Bush the worse president ever and supported far left views in the past.Just recently he gave huge sums of cash to left candidates like weiner,shumer and rham

    Currently he is helping democrats tremendously.If he's the GOP nominee Obama crushes him.If he runs 3rd party Obama doesn't even need to campaign to win re election
  6. Savant


    Ah, so in THIS case you like him.

  7. A false flag operation? Quick, someone call Jesse Ventura!

    Trump is the gift that just keeps on giving, eh?
  8. Could be.I look at who is benefiting most from the current Trump circus...Trump and democrats
  9. You could say something reasonably similar about a number of GOP candidates. Palin and Bachmann are great for the Democrats, as are eye of Newt and some other hatchlings.
  10. U guys who discount him are ignoring the fact that Trump DOES have an actual message, which is quite simply: Economic nationalism.

    -Rebuild American Industry
    -Negotiate trade deals that support domestic production
    -By doing so, put Americans back to work in productive jobs
    -Tap our domestic energy and free up the economy
    -Trump has been a big critic of our foreign war-mongering, which is very appealing to many conservatives who are sick of our international, budget busting adventures that have only caused us to lose status in the world.
    -Get the border under control (completely locked down, end the border anarchy) while also offering long term residents who came here legally a path to citizenship.
    -encourage domestic investment, production, and entrepreneurship.

    I think this is a powerful message that many find appealing.

    Americans are sick of America as a parasitic, finance/legal based economy where our long term productive capacity is shipped offshore for the benefit of short term arbitrage profits, and the only sophisticated goods we manufacture are military hardware.

    Many Americans want a return of those industries that originally made us great to return home and make us great again. If we do it while maintaining environmental standards we will be benefiting the entire world.

    Conservatives are also attracted to Trumps ability to speak his mind. Right or wrong, he does not come across as a wuss who bows down to the media elite, which puts him head and shoulders above the other republican candidates.

    Edit: Honestly i think trump's message will appeal not only to conservatives, but also "Blue collar" democrats which at this point have been completely SOLD OUT by the supposedly "pro-worker" (in reality only pro-federal government worker and financial sector) democrat party .
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