Lol! Cramer: "higher Oil Is A Good Thing"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Apr 23, 2008.

  2. Guy is a quack
  3. clacy


    Maybe he just forgot to finish his thought

    "higher oil is a good thing.............if you're long CL"
  4. greddy


    Yes. We all enjoy paying more than $4.00 a gallon for
    gas. Everyone is so happy there are tears.
  5. The guy is a degenerate moron. I'll never understand how cnbc keeps him on the air. Even more I can't understand who are these mental midgets calling him up with their stupid buyas.
  6. S2007S


    They had someone on cnbc the other morning who said the same exact thing....
  7. Only in Cramerica! :D
  8. wjk


    Since I drive to my other (non trading) job where I am a self employed entertainment contractor, everytime gas goes up, I take a pay cut. I can't raise my price, as the higher gas goes, the more likely it is that my job will get cut as they are being hurt by higher oil. I am now in the world of diminishing returns.

    It's well established that cramer just talks shit for the sake of hearing himself talk. Politically, I remember years back hearing the libs and dems cry about how we should pay as much for gas as the europeans (no offense european traders). Now they say oil is too high? Any body believe that shit coming from them? They are secretly smiling. It's what they always wanted. I am very close to ending my other job, and glad I'm starting to make money in this game. At least I don't have to gas up to go to my computer, coffee excluded.
  9. RL8093


    CNBC continues to make it easier to either keep the station muted or tuned to something else. Kudlow was eliminated soon after I heard what he represents (doesn't take long since he has about 2 thoughts (neither original) which he just keeps recycling). Didn't take long to get sick of Cramer and his constant hype. Somewhere in here they canned Insana who actually had a clue about the market, then they hired their newest insult-to-the-senses - Dennis Kneale. His best investment advice: If you're concerned about your accounts losing money - don't look at your statement (he wasn't kidding).


  10. Dont even get me started on Kneale. Every time he opens his mouth I want to grab a baseball bat and smash his face in.

    OOoops someone beat me to it.. :p
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