LOL!!! Bears fans...

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  1. You get that cancer Cutler, and Bears fans think they are going to the Super Bowl...

    4 Cutler picks later, and Urlacher out for the season...

    Where are you now Bears fans?

    Sitting in the bleachers with the Cubs fans?

    :D :D :D
  2. I think they are enroute to Cleveland to come root for the Browns.


    That really sucks about Urlacher though... what a tough hit to the team. As for Cutler, guess time will tell.
  3. Yeah Cutler has turned out to be a total bust in Chicago. Two comeback wins and the highest visiting QB rating in the history of Qwest Field...all with young, developing receivers and an o-line that is continuing to gel.

    Keep preaching Optional, keep preaching.
  4. Nothing like an overconfident Bears fan...


  5. Any game now Cutler will blow up :D
  6. fhl


    We're still in super bowl contention.

    Why don't you try to get a refund on your trip to chicago for 2016.
  7. ROFL ROFL funniest thing i ever heard :D
  8. 3 games and "we are still in Super Bowl contention..."

    Care to tell me who after 3 games is still not in Super Bowl contention?

    Not saying you are an idiot, but your comments are idiotic...

    The comments sound like Cubs fans, who until mathematically eliminated still think they got a chance for a World Series...

  9. fhl


    And I coulda swore that your opening post implied that the bears were done. How stupid of me.

    As to your question.......
    San Diego.

  10. they never were in it. not now, not in many many years. Bears have a lot wrong and cutler is part of the problem not solution :D
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