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Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, Apr 24, 2004.

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  1. Aphie, it was too late to reply to your post so I'm doing it here: LMAO, dude!
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    04-24-04 01:11 AM

    blurred faces ....

    I'm not sure what is up with the blurred faces. I mean, everyone has seen my picture of course. However, I'd like to be able to see your face sometime. So is that in the works?

    Or is that just how you wear your makeup??


    He said, "Oh, there won't be any money, however, when you die on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness. So I've got that going for me ... which is nice."

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  2. Lauren, I don't know why that thread was closed but I read this post by you and wanted to ask you something...

    So, your father owns a corporation?

    I can give him 100% per year on his investment capital from his company if he wants me to trade it for him in forex.

    Mention it to him and see what he says.

    There will be a cut for you (a percentage - ongoing) in there as well out of my own earnings.

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    04-24-04 02:33 AM

    Oh boy.........
    Axeman Congrats on doing a whois....I'm surprised it took someone that long..... As for that number, I just called it and got some random business so I have no idea why that number is listed.... the address in the whois is actually of my dad's corp office. And seeing as how he's the one who hosts my site and who registered my domain name etc...well, that's why that's the listed number. Even though its wrong. I'm sure the people at his office would be happy to hear from someone looking for me.....

    And that damn Daily Wildcat article comes back to haunt me every now and then...but that moron deserved it but holy shiat, that was like 6 years ago?! Now THAT'S scary.....

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  3. Thread was closed because AxieMoron was posting personal info and pics without permission.

    Hmmmm for a "good-looking rich" FX trader who gets laid a lot (as you put it}, you seem to have no life.
  4. Huh? I didn't see any pics. Were they pulled before I came back to the forum?

    "AxieMoron?" Axe is my friend. He's not gay as you say.

    And, I have a life: I post on this forum, and I listen to my old (saved) cell phone messages.

  5. Did Axe get the Mav treatment from Barron?
  6. we can only hope....
  7. Yes, my dad is an entrepreneur and has been for a while, and while I appreciate your offer to help him, I'm pretty sure he'd pass....Not that he wouldn't appreciate the gesture but he's had one of his 'investments' go public in the past so I assume he's fairly confident in his own abilities.... Plus, the day my dad takes business advice from me is the day he checks in to Bellevue...
  8. And you think that telling him you're a member of Elite Trader wouldn't convince him...?

    Well, we don't need him... we don't need ANYBODY!!!!!! *ahem*... um, I mean... anybody...

    Is it time to trade forex yet ...
  9. Ummm wrong again. :p

    All the info was PUBLIC.
    Lauren even messaged me privately and stated she had
    no problem with it.

    I posted NOTHING that was not already in the public domain.



  10. my2cents doesnt even need to learn how to trade.
    Her best trade will be to kick back and inherit millions...hehe..

    Her dad is worth millions and has had an interesting life.
    He is a serious business man and has been very successful.

    He has one SWEET car collection too :D

    Lauren... have you visited south africa with your pops?

    How was it?


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