LOL!!!!!!!!111111 bank run bank run in the UK

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  1. This is happening in the UK at Northern Rock.

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    "dont worry your money is here, there is no need to ask for it"
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    "Dont worry we have lotsa cash, just borrowed from Queen for fun". :D
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    This is just the begining, we have more bad news to come, so lets wait and see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Coming soon to a town near you when the bush-nomics mortgage scheme implodes.

    History repeats, think 1929 will not occur again:eek:
  6. I remember reading about one of the many bank runs in the 1930s, the bank manager somewhere in the middle of the chaos got up on the counter and shouted to everyone "We will keep this bank open 2 additional hours today in order to accommodate everyone with their withdrawals"

    The bank run stopped, that's guts right there.
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  8. Typical totally lost answer (bush-nomics???????????) :confused:

    You mean democrat/republican-omics.....what is happening in the world financial sector is controlled way up higher than bush. The government puppets are just the executors of the will.
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    Stupid people being stupid, welcome to the human race.
  10. best thread title ever!!!!!!!!!!!
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