LOGICTRADER_PACK_4-8-08.ELD in MultiCharts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by UnlikelyGeek, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to setup these indicator in MultiCharts.

    I imported the indicators into PowerLanguage Editor and compiled them but 2 failed to compile. Indicator LogicTrader Primes compiled OK and can be applied to a chart. Could you point me in the correct direction to fix the compile problems.

    The errors are;
    12.03.09 06:34:58
    ------ Build started: ------
    Study: "LogicTrader RadarScr" (Indicator)
    Please wait ....
    ------ Compiled with error(s): ------
    this word has already been defined
    errLine 41, errColumn 2, errLineEnd 41, errColumnEnd 6


    12.03.09 06:37:30
    ------ Build started: ------
    Study: "LogicTrader ERG only" (Indicator)
    Please wait ....
    ------ Compiled with error(s): ------
    totaltrades is not applicable to this type of study
    errLine 0, errColumn 0, errLineEnd 0, errColumnEnd 0