Loggong onto site with Firefox

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Lucrum, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Lucrum


    It may just be me but I've been unable to log onto the site all day with the firefox. IE works fine.
  2. I use firefox and have no problems.

    Maybe a problem with your settings?
  3. I'm on FireFox and everything works fine. I think FF had two updates within the last week, perhaps your settings got screwed up.
  4. Lucrum


    I downloaded those updates, sounds like the problem is on my end. Thanks for the responses.
  5. sim03


    Have you already tried clearing all your ET cookies?

    If not: Tools - Options - Privacy - Show Cookies - type elitetrader in the Search box - select all (you'll probably have 7 or more) - Remove Cookies.

    Then clear your cache (under Settings on the same Privacy screen) and restart FF.
  6. Lucrum


    I was unable all day long to even get the home page let alone log on using firefox. Just for the heck of it I tried IE and it worked BUT I still kept getting bumped off the ET Index Futures chat room. I was in Miami using an ISP I don't normally use. Now that I'm back home everything is back working normal again. I don't know much about IT but I'm assuming the ISP or possibly the wireless router I was on had something to do with it.
    Any way thanks again for the help/responses.
  7. yrbium


    I've been having this problem for months - totally unable to view ET on firefox. Good to know I'm not crazy!

    I emailed ET and they were helpful, but still couldn't get it to work. I upgraded firefox to the latest version, still didn't work.

    It's very strange, as ET is the only website which has this problem.

    Hopefully, if others are experiencing the same problem, we'll figure it out.
  8. yrbium


    I spoke too soon.

    Thanks Sim03, your suggestions worked!