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    has anyone ever traded using IB in public PCs (e.g. internet cafes/shops)? if so, were there any problems? i want to check my trades while away from home. in the past, i had no problems using ameritrade & etrade, but these weren't system-based brokers.

    thanks in advance.
  2. You would have to clear up all the files left by TWS to avoid exposing your account info to the public.
  3. There is a pretty good possibility they wouldn't have the appropriate firewall port open (4000 I think). This would be the first thing to suspect if you get stuck on the login screen.

    There's also the fact that if you do get going, your account number can appear in different files in the c:\jts directory (log.txt for example).

    Overall, it's probably not a recommended thing to do.

    Get a laptop and either use wireless hotspots or use your cellphone as a modem.
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    would the cell modem be fast enough?
  5. I had a nice vision phone, the fastest one according to the Sprint Junkies I found through google, and it was an absolute nightmare trying to trade with the connection (I use IB)....I only used it to swing-trade, as daytrading is completely out-of-the-question using laptop cards or cell phones (as modems)...

    Still, it was better than nothing, when I had to close out of a swing-trading position vite fait....
  6. As long as you're not using up your ultra-limited bandwidth by surfing the net at the same time and are watching a limited number of symbols. Streaming quote data is pretty low bandwidth.

    Obviously, you wouldn't want this to be your every day trading platform, but it works in a pinch. In fact, I'm going to NYC for a couple days this coming week and will using this setup myself.
  7. internet cafes and the like for opening up acct to see acct status

    .... you can always call IB

    or go to their website and chat live with them instead

    that is more secure option
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    I've traded in several countries using IB in cafes and never had any problems- apart from only being able to see one screen.
  9. You could login via IB´s "Mobile Trader (3G)" website (https).
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    thanks for everyones help/advice.
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