Logarithmetic vs Linear

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  1. If you look at STI lower uptrend line on a daily chart in the Log scale pps is below it, but in the linear scale it is at the above at the lower uptrend line.

    Which is best to go by?? Wait till monday and let pps determine lol?
  2. I use both for analysis log:long term linear:short term.

    To assure your totally confused, I use square scaling too.

    The key is to separate analysis from trading and when trading I use only one scale. Consistency is critical for me when trading.
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    Hello, infolode. What is the "square scaling"? It belongs to Gann' method?
  4. Square scaling allows for an even exchange between price and time on a chart. An advantage that default/linear/log.. etc. scaling in most charting software has neglected.

    Squared scaling allows the use of geometric shapes to be used instead of or in conjunction with indicators or oscillators.

    I'll take a simple circle over stochastic overload any day of the week. Pure price action and volume over a lagging moving average.

    Charts that aren't square scaled are part of the reason some angles or fan lines appear useless.

    Each trader, as in any business, must use what works for them. It's the only way for consistent returns over the years.
  5. could you post a screenshot of a sqared chart?