log vs, regular charts

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Which charts do you use?

  1. Log charts

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  2. Regular charts

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  3. Charts are a waste of time

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  1. OK I figured out how to post these without links, plus added renko.





    Actually the Renko charts tell you a great deal - that the trend has been broken and a ton of volume has traded at these levels.

  2. The other thing is that the base from Nov 12 to July 13 doesn't look symmetrical in the log chart, but it does in the arithmetic chart.
  3. How can charts be a waste of time?:confused:
  4. What, you haven't developed your automated system for pulling $1000 out the market every day?
  5. $1000 is nothing of what can be done everyday.You want to know what really kills in trading?Just ask.
  6. $230k/year no joke
  7. Then you compound it.People are lazy to compound,me either.
  8. It's true, if you discovered a money machine, compounding would grow wealth faster.
  9. 90% of the posters here on et have that as a bare minimum. don't u read what they say?
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