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  1. Yeah, biggest mistake is getting married to a stock when you are down on it. A day trade/swing trade that turns into a "long" position. Another major spike is coming like in early July. B.S. patent news,CEO going on Bloomburg hinting buyout, etc...I don't care.:)

    I don't know, maybe I'll eat the 3k+ loss. If I sell, it goes up and vice versa so I'm screwed either way. F me.
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  2. gg, you playing this still. Like the 8th time its done the .25 move to 5.92+. Market up or down, it does the same thing, sometimes twice.

    I remain "long" and bagholder.
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  3. ggoyal


    i like this one. but i like crdc better for now. crdc has bigger moves. these days im putting all my money in one stock plus margin. its working out great.

    but i might start playing locm again if crdc doesnt work later.

    i think you r wrong pumpanddumper when u say ur going to stay long. if you would have taken ur loss and played the volatitility, you would have made a looooot more. no offense but u r NOT suppose to get married to a stock. just a quick fuck.
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  4. I know, I got blue balls now.:)

    Going all in one basket plays plus margin? I used to gamble like that till I got burned. I wouldn't screw with the margin part though. Six figure+ plays are a rush though...
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  5. ggoyal


    yeah i know it is quite risky. i even had a loss of 23k a couple of days ago, but im up six figures in the past couple of months, so there is no need for me to change my strategy. and its not gambling. gamlbing would be playing the earnings.

    i soemtimes dont go ALLLL in. i scale in. so i do have control on the risk part.
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  6. Whoopi-do...Waiting for the buyout...lol

    Doubt she can hold $6.25 into end of day but decent action again.

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  7. chsbla


    yah i think it drops down like always in the afternoon. lol yah that buyout is so on its way..lol
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  8. pump and dump for chumps

    sell now
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  9. chsbla


    what are your thoughts on the close today? I'm thinking right around 6.03.
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  10. I dunno between 6-6.1
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