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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stravens, Nov 2, 2001.

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    I have a PIII 500 MHZ with 256 Ram and a matrox g-450 with dual 19 monitors Windows 98 and use Trade portal (DAS) software on cable modem. My problem is if I use one monitor it runs all day, but when I drag it across and use both monitors it will run for 3 - 4 hrs then total lookup. Any Ideas? Do I need more ram, win 2000 or what?

    This is the first time I ever posted anything, but I love this site Thanks
  2. mjt


    Try Win 2K first. Win 98 just isn't robust enough to handle anything like direct access trading.
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    I have two suggestions:

    As mentioned already, you should upgrade to Win2K. Win95 and Win98 both suffer from memory leak problems which can lead to lockups like what you've described.

    The other thing you should consider doing is adding more RAM. As a general rule, you want to have at least 192MB of memory per monitor. So based upon that, you should add another 128 MB of RAM to your system.
  4. in addition to the other feedback: make sure you're running the latest drivers.

    Matrox (unfortunately) isn't known for providing the most stable drivers. Unless I have to I always run the WHQL drivers (which they call out on their support site). WHQL is the "windows hardware qualification lab", meaning that the driver has been independently certified by an outside party.

    Earlier versions of the drives had serious problems with anything running Java. The latest drivers work well with java software (Swing/AWT)