"Locked up for a minimum of 12 months per sec rule"

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  1. JC Trading sent this to me, saying $7,500 min, which is fine. However I'm confused about the lockout period, is it because they don't require the S7? At this point not being able to get my $7,500 back, I would rather just get my S7 and go to a place that requires the S7 and not have to worry about not being able to access my deposit if need be. Do you think this is negotiable? Also does anyone know their commissions? I asked and they didn't reply to that question, I'm just looking for something below $6/1000 to start off with and a decent break point after. I'm leaning towards JC since they offer Lightspeed.
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    Everything seems to be in-line with Prop standards from what I have found out.

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    I was just curious as to what others thought about the lockout period and if anyone knew the comm that JC is currently offering.
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