locked option markets

Discussion in 'Options' started by just21, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Giving accurate information is abrasive?
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    metoo, you better pack, retire, and just concentrate of nude French models...thebroomster has spoken.

    nitro :D bwahahahahahaha
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    Yes, in fact they will respong to identical API calls - I know, I tested it...

    Too bad it's not enough...

    nitro :(
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  4. Everyone said it wouldn't last forever ...
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  5. Limits on symbols; i.e. less than 1 %;


    unreliable ...
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    Stop arguing a solution is at hand!


    Mike-E (metooxx) implied to you that the best software is proprietary.
    Not true. I feel we have the best and it is available. Are you in
    Chicago? A demo can be arranged if so. If not, you can try out our
    stuff over the internet. The software interfaces with TAL, Redi+, &
    InstaQuote. We have prop traders here and they use IQ.

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  8. Is it called Radar?
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  9. Brian's scanner works; however considering the number of traders that we have, that have traded with his and trade here, it would be interesting to debate which is better.

    And, we have never lost a trader to his ...
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  10. I think you are referring to Tradestation's product ...
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