locked option markets

Discussion in 'Options' started by just21, Jan 9, 2003.

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  2. Do you understand the difference?
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  3. hey elite trader options boy--relax
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  4. cheeks


    I am going to admit my ignorance. I have no idea what ya'll are talking about.

    Could someone be so kind as to fill me in?

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  5. Trying to compare a retail feed; $250 a month, to a professional feed, $10,000 a month and implying they do the same. PCQuote is the retail version of Hyperfeed by the way ...
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  6. the thread refers to options markets that are locked/crossed at different exchanges and software/vendors which track such occurences. there used to be good money in spotting crossed markets but the exchanges have clamped down on that type of orderflow in the past couple of years.
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  7. you really giving me an education --i can't wait for more
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  8. Since you are so well informed; why would you propose such a solution for the problem you have stated?
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    Thank you
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  10. initially, i mistakenly thought someone was asking for an individual subscription to hyperfeed. your response was a little abrasive. i responded. enough said.
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