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    I was hoping someone might be able to give me a heads up on where I might be able to find a majority of the data points listed below in a consolidated format. Extra points if historical figures are also available.

    1) 5yr EPS growth
    2) Book value
    3) Debt (per share prefferable)
    4) P/CF (or just CF)

    I'd like this stuff in a format easily converted to an excel worksheet. But I'm willing to do the legwork if that isn't available.

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    Thanks Alex. This site will deffinately be helpful as I move forward. Unfortunately I still need historical data so that I can backtest. I really appreciate the help though.
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    C'mon people. Lots of you ought to have info on where I can find this sort of information. I mean, there are professionals on this board aren't there?
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    Get you hands on a point-in-time database. These include Compustat, Factset, ThomsonOne, Reuters, Bloomberg and I believe kx systems also has a historical database. These are expensive.

    A cheaper solution is www.portfolio123.com, but they only go back to year 2000 or so.
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  7. Bloomberg isn't a PIT database, in the sense that one can easily compile data inclusive of dead tickers as of an historical PIT.